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Wholesaler FAQ: The new GivEnergy RMA process

We’ve recently introduced our new GivEnergy no quibble return process. As of 27/09/2023, GivEnergy installers can make a speedy return to their stockist via a same-day decision process.

For the amazing network of distributors handling these returns, our new RMA process will undoubtedly raise queries.  So, we’ve put together a handy FAQ.

Under what circumstances should I issue a replacement product?

You should only issue new product if a GivEnergy-signed RMA form is presented to you. The absence of this form means that we have not authorised a return. (Having not found a fault with the kit.)

So, if you issue new replacement goods without having first received this signed RMA form, we would not be able to reimburse you.

How should I accept returns?

A return can come to you in one of two ways: over the counter (if you’ve agreed to this in your terms with us), or via an appropriate shipping method.

On arrival, the returned product should come to you in its original packaging – complete with all accompanying parts. (Such as inverter brackets, battery brackets, cables, fixings, comms, and plugs.)

It’s important to check that each return is complete with these accessories, as specified in the RMA form.

If you are not happy with the condition or contents of a return, then we would advise you not to accept the goods. We reserve the right to refuse wholesaler reimbursement where negligence, improper handling, or RMA procedures are not upheld.

What should I do with the returned product?

Once you’re happy that the returned goods contain all necessary parts, they should be palletised along with the signed RMA form – ready for us to make a collection.

Please note that on this collection, we’ll inspect the returned products. We’ll check for damage, contents, and the presence of the RMA form. Any missing parts may result in the cost being billed or deducted from your agreed fee.

So, for a smooth reimbursement process, it’s important to ensure that the returned goods are complete and collection-ready.

What if the installer returns a product damaged or incomplete?

If the returned goods don’t appear to meets the requirements for the RMA, please let us know as soon as possible. We’ll then be able to advise on a case-by-case basis.

When will GivEnergy make a collection?

Preferably, collection will take place when you have a full pallet of goods for us to refurbish. This will help both our companies avoid the excess carbon-wasting back and forth of small retrievals.

However, we can be flexible if your warehouse space circumstances demand a more regular pick-up process. In these instances, we can make a collection from a single, mutually-agreed on location once per month. (If there is product to collect.)

What if I don’t have any replacement stock?

If you don’t have stock of the item the installer would like to replace, then the RMA process will be suspended in favour of a site visit. All parties waiting for replacement stock to be shipped before a fix can be made would only undermine the speedy resolution process we’re trying to attain.

How will I be reimbursed for the replacement stock I’m issuing?

We’ll reimburse you with credit for the product at the current buying price. Please refer to your RMA agreement for details.

How quickly will returns be processed?

We’ll aim to process returns within 2 working days of the items arriving at our facility. We will then trigger you a credit for the product(s). (This may take up to 5 working days.)

Can I purchase refurbished product at a discount?

We’re passionate about putting refurbished product to great use. (I.e., returned kit that has been repaired at our labs and certified as a fully functional refurbishment.)

So, we’re looking at options both to resell this kit for a reduced price, and to use it for charitable social projects. We’ll have more on this when we have more data on refurbishment volumes – but rest assured, we don’t believe in waste!

Our mission of empowering energy freedom for all is accelerated by the speed, efficiency, and logistical reach of our wholesaler network.

We appreciate your partnership, and we look forward to collaborating with you on an industry-leading returns process.

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