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Installer FAQ: The new GivEnergy RMA process

We’ve recently introduced our new GivEnergy no quibble return process. As of 27/09/2023, installers can make a speedy return via a same-day decision process.

Want to know more about the nuts and bolts of how this will work? This handy FAQ has you covered.

Who can submit an RMA request?

To submit an RMA request, you must be an approved GivEnergy installer. It should be the person installing the product – or buying it direct from the wholesaler – that handles the process. (Not the end user.)

How do I initiate an RMA request?

If – as you’re installing – a GivEnergy system isn’t performing as expected, you should give us a call right away. We’ll then perform all the relevant checks and diagnostics.

If we then determine that an RMA is necessary, we’ll complete a form on the installer’s behalf. This form will detail the faulty product and the reason for the return.

Once those details are taken down, we’ll send a GivEnergy-signed RMA document over to you. You can take this document to the wholesaler you originally purchased from and arrange your return.

What if my RMA request is denied?

We will only deny an RMA request if – following a full remote system diagnostics – we can find no fault with the GivEnergy system. In such instances, any issues are usually due to a fixable installation error rather than an underlying product fault.

If a problem persists – despite us not being able to detect a system error – we will then schedule a site visit to investigate and fix the problem in-person.

What happens if I go to the wholesaler without a GivEnergy-signed form?

Your wholesaler won’t be able to issue any new product without written confirmation by GivEnergy. So, it’s important to contact us first.

What happens once I’ve got the signed RMA document?

With an RMA document signed by GivEnergy, you’ll be able to arrange a no quibbles return. The wholesaler will be able to release brand new goods as replacements for the faulty product, based on the signed RMA form.

You can go about your return in one of two ways:

  • [Recommended where possible] Make an over-the-counter exchange at the wholesaler’s location

Save time and effort by returning the original faulty equipment (properly packaged up) along with your RMA document. You can then avoid shipping costs and reimbursement delays.

Please note: over-the-counter returns are subject to wholesaler agreement. We can advise you on your wholesaler’s terms as we chat through your RMA with you.

  • [Alternative] Order a replacement before shipping back the faulty product.

You can also use your RMA document to order a replacement before you’ve returned the original product. Ordinarily, in this instance, your order would be regarded as a “new” sale until your wholesaler receives the original kit back. (So, any invoices would be reimbursed once that return of the faulty product has been made.) 

When not performed over the counter, you should use an appropriate shipping method to return the original faulty product. Please note that postage/delivery would come at your own expense.

How should I return the faulty product?

You’ll need to swap the faulty goods with the new goods. So, you should arrange a site visit with the end visitor to swap out the products.

When returning, you should use the original packaging from the new equipment to pack up the faulty products. Any unused parts (e.g., inverter brackets, battery brackets, cables, fixings, comms plugs) should be left in the box and sent back to the wholesaler along with the faulty product.

Once packaged up, you should then return the faulty goods back to your wholesaler. As mentioned above, you do this over the counter, or use an appropriate shipping method.

What happens if I don’t make a return of the original kit?

We anticipate that (where wholesalers allow) most returns will be made over the counter. This would mean a direct product swap of old for new. However, if you place your replacement order before returning the faulty product, that order may initially be chargeable. (Depending on your agreement with the wholesaler.)

In such instances, you’re then reimbursed once your wholesaler receives the returned goods. So, no return of the original kit would typically mean no reimbursement.

What if my wholesaler doesn’t have any stock?

In the unlikely event that a wholesaler doesn’t have stock of the product you need, we would fall back to the site visit option. So, a GivEnergy engineer will attend the site to make a repair where a replacement isn’t possible.

What if I want a site visit?

We’re still offering site visits – you don’t have to opt for an RMA if you’d prefer us to come out. Plus, thanks to this quick no quibbles return option, we’re anticipating a major reduction in the wait times for a visit.

What happens to the returned products?

Returned products remain with the wholesaler until we arrange a collection. (Preferably, collection takes place when the wholesaler has a full pallet of goods for us to refurbish, to avoid any excess carbon-wasting back and forth.)

Do returned products go to waste?

Absolutely not – we’ll be fully refurbishing and certifying returned products at our UK lab.

So, this will create a supply of low-cost but fully functional GivEnergy products – perfect for reducing the price barriers to battery storage.

Sometimes, issues arise. But when they do, we’re committed to ensuring the speediest resolution possible. Ultimately, that’s just what this new no quibbles return process achieves.

As ever, we thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to delivering you a smooth, supportive experience.

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