GivEnergy returns

Proudly introducing…the GivEnergy no quibble return

You fed back to us about our RMA process, and your feedback was valid.

So, as of 27/09/2023, we’re removing the red tape from returns.

Allow us to introduce the new GivEnergy no quibble return process.

Same day decisions on returns

Flexible routes to resolution

Fast-tracked fixes for customers

Rapid payment release for installers

Accessibly priced refurbishments

Moving forward, you’ll no longer have to wait ~4-6 weeks for a site visit or a repair. Instead, if something goes wrong, installers can make a speedy return via a same-day decision process.

Here’s how it works.

Giv-ing you more options

If – on installation – a GivEnergy system isn’t performing as expected, the installer should give us a call right away. We’ll then create a ticket and perform all the relevant checks and diagnostics.

In the event that we detect a product defect, we can now offer you two routes to resolution:

  • [NEW] A speedy product RMA via your wholesaler

Return and get a replacement product to install – no quibbles.

  • A site visit from a GivEnergy engineer

Now offering much faster visit times thanks to the new product RMA option.

Making a return

We’re removing the bureaucracy around returning a faulty system. Instead, we’ll:

  • Complete an RMA form on behalf of the installer, detailing the faulty product and the reason for the return
  • Provide this form to the wholesaler, allowing them to make the necessary arrangements for a return

The installer can then return the product to the wholesaler, get a replacement product, and commission the new system.

So, no waiting around for installers, and no prolonged downtime for customers. Just a speedy resolution for all parties.

Requesting a site visit

We won’t get rid of the option to have a site visit if that’s what you’d prefer. So, in these scenarios:

  • We’ll come out to the site and investigate any faults
  • We’ll aim to either repair the system, or return it to our lab if further investigation is required

We’re anticipating a major reduction in wait times (in line with the option to make a quick product return).

So, it’s improvements all round – whichever route you opt for.

Accessing a refurbished product

The new RMA process has another great upshot. We’ll be fully refurbishing and certifying returned products at our UK lab. (We don’t believe in waste!)

So, this will create a supply of low-cost but fully functional GivEnergy products – perfect for reducing the price barriers to battery storage.

Your experience matters

We listen to you.

Listening to you is why we’ve continued making our software the best in the space, why our hardware offers improved performance with every release, why we can now offer a 12 year warranty, and why we’re making these changes to the RMA process.

Your experience matters.

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