12 year warranty FAQ

FAQ: The GivEnergy 12 year warranty

We’ve recently announced some game-changing news: all GivEnergy residential battery storage systems fitted as of 11/09/2023 will come with an industry-leading 12 year warranty.

You’ll no doubt have questions about the finer details of this new policy change. So, we’ve put together a handy FAQ to answer those questions for you.

What products does the GivEnergy 12 year warranty cover?

The new 12 year warranty covers:

  • The full GivEnergy residential battery range (all power capacities and generations)
  • The full GivEnergy residential inverter range (all power capacities and generations)
  • The GivEnergy All in One and Giv-Gateway

In a nutshell, the warranty covers any GivEnergy residential battery storage system installed from 11/09/2023 – no matter which specific battery and inverter model are fitted.

What products does the warranty not cover?

Different warranties apply for:

Please see product datasheets or refer to any existing warranty documents for details.

What are the caveats for the 12 year warranty?

For a valid warranty, the system must be:

  • Fully commissioned
  • Installed by an approved and certified GivEnergy installer
  • Installed in accordance with our guidelines (see our product installation manuals for details)
  • Health checked on year 5, year 8, and year 10
  • Stored in accordance with our guidelines prior to installing 

If an installation does not meet these requirements, what happens to the 12 year warranty?

Any installation that does not meet the criteria has a void warranty. Following our installation guidelines is absolutely essential for system safety and performance. So, if an installation is made that doesn’t meet the stated requirements, the warranty is rendered void and defaults to a basic 12 month warranty.  This is true of the new 12 year warranty, and for all existing warranties alike.

At what stage is the warranty deemed valid?

Warranties apply once the system has been fully commissioned. (I.e., not purchased, not installed, but commissioned.) So, commissioning photos should be sent through, accounts created, etc.

Please note: every system must be commissioned within 30 days of installation. If an installer fails to commission a system within 30 days of its installation, the warranty is rendered void.

How will the health check be carried out?

A health check must be completed on year 5, year 8, and year 10 of the system’s lifespan. This will work in the same way as scheduling a boiler service, for example.

Fortunately, the quality of our data means that minimal legwork is involved, and the health checks may be conducted remotely.

We will send an update to the customer informing them of their upcoming health check. This check will then be a remote system diagnostics performed by GivEnergy.

We can pull a detailed analysis by checking in on your system via the GivEnergy cloud. We’ll also ask for details of your system – checking that it still has adequate ventilation, hasn’t been tampered with, etc.

Are the health checks chargeable?

Yes. We will perform the check remotely, this will entail a £29 + VAT charge for a full system diagnosis. If we need to send out an engineer due to data anomalies, this will cost up to £100 + VAT per visit.

Can approved installers do the health checks?

We anticipate that the health checks will be a simple in-house process – no need for installer call-outs. However, there may be the opportunity for some installers to train to perform the health checks depending on internal time and resource.  

Does the health check apply to existing systems with extended warranties or only new ones commissioned from today?

The 5, 8, and 10 year health check for the new 12 year warranty only applies to systems commissioned from 11/09/2023. Simply, if a health check isn’t covered in the details of your existing warranty, then it’s not something you’ll need to factor in.

What will the health check mean for customers with multiple devices?

Health checks are on a “per system” basis. (I.e., for 1x inverter and for the battery(ies) connected to that inverter.) If you have a multi-inverter setup, you’ll need a health check per system.

Will you be backdating existing warranties?

No. While we appreciate that some customers may have missed out on the longer warranty by a narrow window, there ultimately has to be a cut-off point between old and new policies. So, we’re keeping it simple by rolling out the 12 year warranty effective as of 11/09/2023 only.

Plus, existing warranties are legally binding, insurance-backed agreements. So, we can’t simply implement ad-hoc changes to existing terms.

Will extended warranties retrospectively extend to 12 years?

No – for the same reasons listed above. Your extended warranty is valid for the timeframe stated within the Ts &Cs, and can’t simply be changed later down the line.

Will existing customers be able to pay for an extended warranty? At what point do we need to initiate that?

All existing extended warranties will be honoured. Moving forward though, the 12 year warranty does away with extended warranties – so we won’t be looking to continue offering those out as of 11/09/2023.

If your system has very recently been installed and you were looking to buy our previous extended warranty (upgrading from 5 to 10 years), you can still do so. (As long as you’re within 60 days of installation.) We’ll honour that extended warranty and the process will roll out as it has previously done.

However, as your system was installed before 11/09/2023, you’ll be operating under the previous extended warranty policy – not the new 12 year one.

We’re incredibly excited about the launch of a 12-year warranty. Ultimately, it’s fantastic news for all – you’ve got (or are getting) a great piece of kit that’s built to last!