Introducing GivBack: A new way to earn cash from your battery this winter

Join GivBack and earn cash from your battery. We’re proud to partner with Axle Energy on a new program that will help GivEnergy customers pocket some extra home battery gains this winter.

So, what is GivBack? And how, exactly, can you turn your stored energy into income? Here’s a handy overview.

 The ESO Demand Flexibility Service

The UK grid is under increasing strain in the winter. Energy from solar is at a low – meaning the grid is more reliant on the burning of fossil fuels to keep the UK powered during the long, cold winter evenings.

The newly-launched Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) is a load shedding programme designed to manage these winter peaks.

So, the DFS allows you to earn rewards for shifting your electricity usage outside of peak demand hours. This, in turn, allows the Electricity System Operator (ESO) to manage supply through periods when margins are tight.

In short, the scheme is perfect for GivEnergy customers.

Turn your stored energy into cash with GivBack

We’re partnering with Axle Energy on a “GivBack” scheme. In a nutshell, GivBack allows you to export excess energy from your battery when the grid is strained – getting paid in the process.

Let’s run through each point.

Axle Energy

Axle Energy is an energy flexibility tech company that connects EVs and home energy devices to electricity markets. By optimising the flexibility of home energy devices – like our GivEnergy battery storage systems – Axle’s software dynamically provides flexibility to the electricity grid and shifts energy usage to when it’s cheapest and greenest.


GivBack lets you opt-in to some extra earnings by supporting the grid. Via a smart, secure algorithm, your GivEnergy system can now automatically:

  • Keep your battery fully topped up before an event
  • Export excess energy from your battery when the grid is strained
  • Get you paid per kWh that you support the grid

You’re making money, you’re helping stabilise the grid, and you’re reducing fossil fuel use. As long as you live in GB, with a working smart meter at an address where you have a GivEnergy battery at home, you’re eligible for the earnings.

How does it work?

  • Via your cloud account, you can click to register with GivBack and connect your smart meter
  • With your permission granted, Axle Energy’s secure software can then connect to your battery – acting as ‘virtual wires’ connecting your battery to electricity markets
  • Before an event, we’ll make sure your battery is fully topped up
  • During an event, your house will run from the battery, and any excess energy will be exported back to the grid
  • You’ll get paid per kWh that you support the grid. The price will vary, up to £2.10/kWh

What are the benefits?

  • You’re getting money from a system you already have in place at no extra cost, earning £2.10/kWh
  • You’re helping provide an alternative to burning fossil fuels
  • In turn, you’re helping decarbonise the grid and make the UK cleaner and greener
  • The scheme requires zero effort from your part, with easy online setup and smart algorithmic management

 Ready to give it a try?