BESS containers

The benefits of BESS containers

Organisations around the globe are looking to make the shift to sustainable energy. As part of this transition, battery energy storage systems (BESS) are proving pivotal.

BESS – in a nutshell – revolutionises the way we generate, store, and distribute electricity. And one increasingly popular way to implement BESS is through the use of a fully containerised system.

So, what are the benefits of BESS containers? Here’s a closer look.

1.     Energy storage on-the-go

One of the most significant advantages of BESS containers is their mobility. They offer the flexibility to be deployed wherever energy storage is needed most. That could be, for example:

  • A remote off-grid location
  • A disaster-stricken area in urgent need of power
  • Temporary energy boost for a large-scale event
  • A purpose-built plant room
  • An unused outdoor space

Whatever the requirement, BESS containers can be transported and installed swiftly. In turn, they provide reliable electricity when and where it’s required.

2.     Scalability and modularity

BESS containers are inherently scalable and modular. Using our own battery storage containers as an example, we can supply solutions that range from:

  • 30 – 500kW power and 200 – 2800kWh capacity
  • 10 – 45ft container sizes

For even larger storage capacity, multiple containers can be combined. So, having a containerised solution allows for easy expansion (or contraction) of energy storage capacity.

This adaptability makes BESS containers ideal for a wide range of applications. A containerised system can work for a small-scale residential energy storage, right up to a massive grid-scale project.

As your energy needs grow or change, you can seamlessly integrate additional containers to meet demand. All without disrupting operations.

3.     Great for tight spaces

Linking in with this point on modularity, another selling point of BESS containers is their flexibility regarding small spaces. A containerised solution is stackable. So, one container can sit on top of another, or you can use a two-storey unit.

So, if your space is limited, opting for containerised BESS will reduce your footprint.

4.     Customisation control

The construction of BESS containers begins with an empty, open unit. Your provider will then work with you to design a bespoke solution.

Again, if we use our GivEnergy commercial containers as an example, customisation options include things like:

In short, you’re getting a completely bespoke solution.

5.     Cost effectiveness

Containerised systems are a highly cost-effective way of manufacturing BESS units. BESS containers can be constructed on-site at the manufacturer’s facility, resulting in:

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced material costs
  • Faster construction timelines

You can then have your container supplied complete to you, ready to go. (Or, with separate battery modules to reducing shipping weight if you prefer.)

The benefits of BESS containers

Commercial BESS systems come with a host of benefits – grid stability, backup power, energy cost savings, carbon emission reduction, peak shaving, renewables integrations… the list continues.

However, if we look specifically at deploying BESS in a containerised solution, you can also enjoy a unique mix of benefits. Their flexibility, scalability, and positive impact on grid stability, integration with renewables, and environmental benefits make them an indispensable tool in our quest for a sustainable energy future.

So, looking to install a containerised commercial solution?

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