GivEnergy’s EV charger: FAQ

The GivEnergy EV charger is now available from a wholesaler near you.

You’ll likely have some questions about the addition to the Giv family that’s headed your way.

So, here’s a handy EV charger FAQ article to bring you up to speed.

Can I charge my EV with solar panels?

Yes, you can. There are a couple of ways to go about this. In the first instance, your GivEnergy EV charger offers solar diversion. So, it can take the excess energy generated by your solar PV array and use it to charge your EV.

In the second instance, you can use a battery system to store your excess solar generation. Then, you can discharge this stored solar energy from the battery and into your EV when the sun is no longer shining.

Will the EV charger support smart tariffs like Agile / Intelligent Octopus, etc? 

For fixed time of use tariffs, you’ll be able to set your EV charger to power your vehicle when energy is at its cheapest and greenest. (Usually overnight.)

For flexible tariffs, meanwhile, we’re working with energy providers to create a direct API integration with the EV charger. So, this will mean that inbuilt algorithms prime your system to automatically take advantage of cheap rates – as and when prices drop. More info soon!

Will the EV charger work with my GivEnergy home battery?

Absolutely. You’ll be able to manipulate the flow of energy from your GivEnergy battery into your EV charger – using the cheap stored energy inside your battery to power your vehicle. (As well as your home!)

You can also disable the battery from discharging if the EV is plugged in and charging. This is a common problem industry wide, but one we’re proud to have solved. 

As part of the GivEnergy ecosystem, you can also share where excess solar generation goes to. (For example, to battery first, to EV first, or a mix between the two.)

Will the EV charger work with a third-party home battery?

Yes – we play nicely with other products. So, your GivEnergy EV charger can take charge from any home storage battery. (Even if it’s not a GivEnergy product!) However, in these instances, the third-party battery and the GivEnergy EV charger will work together with a comparatively limited usage.

Here, the GivEnergy EV charger will simply use the third-party battery as an energy source. But, because a third-party battery isn’t designed to work with GivEnergy software, you won’t get the slick portal integration and advanced automations you get when pairing a GivEnergy EV charger with a GivEnergy battery storage system.

Do I need solar or storage to use a GivEnergy EV charger?

No – our EV charger can work with solar PV, a storage battery, and the grid alike. So, if you don’t have any solar or storage in place, the GivEnergy EV charger will simply work with the grid. Here, you can schedule your charging for the cheapest, cleanest off-peak energy.

What are the EV charger tech specs?

The GivEnergy EV charger offers:

  • 7kW / 32A AC power output rating
  • 5m charging cable length
  • IP65 rating

How long is the EV charger warranty?

The GivEnergy EV charger comes with a 3-year warranty as standard.

Why is there a random delay when my charge starts?

The random delay is due to a government regulation. The incentive behind this government regulation is to prevent too many EV owners starting or stopping charging at the exact same time. (For example, when a high volume of scheduled charges are set to begin, based on popular smart tariffs.)

If everyone starts charging their EV at the same time, grid load increases too quickly for electricity generators to respond.

So, the randomised delay stops this happening. It creates a randomised delay of up to 600 seconds (or 10 minutes) for all scheduled charging slots. This protects the grid and prevents any power disruption.

How long does the EV charger take to install?

The GivEnergy EV charger can typically be installed quickly and easily within an hour – with no need for an earth rod.

Can I install the EV charger myself?

Any EV installer or qualified electrician can install the GivEnergy EV charger. If you fit that bill, then you can install your own EV charger. Otherwise, you’ll need an installation from a GivEnergy approved installer.

Is the EV charger covered by the GivEnergy no-quibble RMA process?

Yes it is. If – on installation – the EV charger isn’t performing as expected, the installer should give us a call right away. We’ll then create a ticket and perform all the relevant checks and diagnostics.

In the event that we detect a product defect, we will offer two routes to resolution:

  • A speedy product RMA via the installer’s wholesaler, with a same-day decision process
  • A site visit from a GivEnergy engineer

What are the different charging modes offered?

The GivEnergy EV charger offers up to 4 charging modes:

  • Hybrid: The vehicle will charge at a minimum of 6A (1.4kW) using a combination of excess solar and grid power
  • Solar: The vehicle will charge only from excess solar power at a minimum of 6A (1.4kW)
  • Schedules: You can create charging schedule slots for any start time and duration, up to 24 hours. The charger will use solar or grid power up to the maximum current charge set
  • Grid: The vehicle will charge from solar or grid power up to the maximum current charge

The charging modes available depend on the installation approach used. (For example, hybrid and solar modes require either a meter to be installed or the presence of a compatible GivEnergy inverter). This selection is laid out in the EV charger installation document

How do I manage my GivEnergy EV charger?

You can manage and monitor the EV charger via both our in-depth web-based portal, and our handy mobile app. You’ll be able to monitor things such as:

  • Status of charge: check the current charging status
  • Active mode: see which charging mode is currently in use
  • Summary of data: get a quick summary of your charger’s performance and usage
  • Power graphs: view your power usage breakdown by the hour in a daily view
  • Energy graphs: see your energy consumption breakdown over time — including daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or all-time views

Where can I buy the GivEnergy EV charger?

The first batch of EV chargers is available from select wholesalers across the UK. (With more stock landing throughout 2024.) Have an online search for the GivEnergy EV charger to see the kinds of competitive prices our wholesalers are selling at.

At the cutting edge

As a new addition to the GivEnergy ecosystem, our EV charger is improving all the time. We’re continually hard at work on firmware and software updates that will refine the product, and detect and resolve any early bugs.

So, as an exciting product that we’re actively developing, please note that EV charger updates may happen more regularly than usual. You’re getting a product at the cutting edge of energy tech.