givenergy and rexel

GivEnergy and Rexel join forces to boost global supply of green energy solutions

Leading manufacturer of electronic energy management solutions, GivEnergy, has teamed with leading wholesale electrical distributor, Rexel, in a partnership set to boost the global supply of green energy solutions.

GivEnergy is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of battery storage technology designed to manage energy use and production. The company is currently navigating a hyper-growth curve, with a 500% growth forecast in the last year alone.

Now, GivEnergy’s new supply agreement with Rexel will allow the company to serve more customers and further open up access to clean, affordable energy.

“It’s our mission to ensure that renewable energy is accessible and affordable to all. GivEnergy is working towards a world where energy needn’t cost the earth.

Our new partnership with Rexel will allow us to meet increasing demands in Europe initially, and then globally in the near future. In turn, we can help ever-more people lift themselves from fuel poverty and improve their energy resilience.”

Jason Howlett, GivEnergy CEO

Rexel will now be supplying the full mix of GivEnergy products – spanning AC coupled inverters, hybrid inverters, EV chargers, and more. The mix of products allows customers to cut their energy costs, while powering their home or business sustainably.

Shaun Morgan, Head of Category at Rexel, comments:

“At Rexel, we are ever-striving to improve the customer experience by delivering the best quality electrical products and solutions. With this core goal in common, Rexel and GivEnergy will provide innovative solutions for customers.”

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