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We pride ourselves on our ability to work with, and understand our individual clients needs.

We know that each system needs to be site specific, so during our consultation periods, we endeavour to clarify the key performance points and work to structure the needs in an efficient cost conscious way.


We Manufacture systems ranging from in our in house, designed and developed residential VPP to mobile Multi-Megawatt solutions, communicating worldwide for Fast Frequency Response.

If you need it, we can Conceptualize, Design, Test, Install, Commission and Maintain anywhere in the world.

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All of our manufactured systems include a bespoke level of aftersales which is market leading. We monitor your system on you behalf and proactively reduce any necessary downtime to an absolute minimum.

We also have an approved network of installers worldwide which allows us to have rapid reactive maintenance and ensuring a quick turnaround of any problem.

Strategic Market Planning and Appraisal

You have the vision, let us help you make the deal, We can JV, Part Finance, 100% Finance, or a combination of all. We like to make you secure in the knowledge WE ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS WITH OUR OWN CAPITAL.

If you have a site, an idea or even just want to discuss options, we have a team of engineers that will be happy to assist. Please feel free to email us today with any enquiry.

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Skilled & Certified Engineers

From start to finish, we endeavour to make the installation as easy for you as possible. Our qualified team of professionals will ensure that all installations areperformed to the highest standard.

We treat your home like it is our own. This means that you can rest assured knowingthat your home is in safe hands. Typically a system can be installed andcommissioned within a day's work, thanks to our highly skilled team.